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Favy™ Velvet Microfiber Makeup Blender Set

Effortlessly blended makeup starts here. The Favy™ unique velvet microfiber blenders create a professional airbrushed look.

• Blend makeup with ease and precision

• Use wet (liquid foundation) or dry (powders)

• Flawless streak-free makeup application

• 4 signature shapes offering unlimited positioning

• Proprietary hybrid velvet x microfiber material 

• Ultra soft velvet texture helps makeup glide on skin and blend out seamlessly


The Favy™ makeup blender set includes:


Bebe Blender

Compact and precise and is perfect for under-eye makeup, spot treatments and creases around the nose.

Designed for all of those harder to reach areas on your face! Great for blending out under eye makeup, spot concealing or even for dusting away eyeshadow fall out or cleaning up excess mascara on eyelids. 

Beat Blender

Sculpted for all over base makeup. Best used for foundations, larger areas of concealer, even contouring and blush!

The pointed tip allows for application at any angle and the rounded sides allow for maximum areas of coverage, so you can lay that base in less time.

Bridge Blender

Uniquely chiseled for a killer nose contour.

The sculpted shape is perfect for contouring the bridge and sides of the nose. Use the thinest edge for the bridge of your nose, and the sides for baking on your base along the sides.

Bake Blender

Designed specifically for the baking on your base!

The blender’s flat side allows for high-coverage baking from any angle. Use the flat sides to sculpt and carve out cheek bones, jaw lines, and setting easily creased areas.

How to Use:
For applications of powders or for makeup cleanup, keep the sponge dry.

For applications of wet products such as liquid foundations, primers and moisturizers, run the sponge under clean warm water. Allow it to fully soak, then wring out excess water by hand and use as desired.

Favy™ hybrid velvet x microfiber makeup sponge applicators were designed for a premium makeup application experience. Designed to provide smooth, flawless and natural beauty outcomes. Our variety box is ideal for endless positioning and cosmetic product compatibility plus our ultra-soft material is so fabulous.

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