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Favy™ Glow Up Kit

Start your flawless face routine with our skin smoothing precision dermaplaner and finish with a streak-free seamless makeup application.

Includes 2 Favy™ Facial Beauty Razor Sets and the Favy™ Velvet Microfiber Makeup Blender Set (4 precision blenders)

• Gently exfoliate your face for smooth and radiant skin

• Remove peach fuzz and dead skin

• Smoother, flawless make up application

• No nicks! Stainless steel blade with a safety guard

• Non-slip silicone handle for the best grip

• Blend makeup with ease and precision

• Use blenders wet (liquid foundation) or dry (powders)

• 4 signature shapes offering unlimited positioning

• Ultra soft Proprietary hybrid velvet x microfiber material helps makeup glide on skin and blend out seamlessly


Bebe Blender

Compact and precise and is perfect for under-eye makeup, spot treatments and creases around the nose.

Beat Blender

 Sculpted for all over base makeup. Best used for foundations, larger areas of concealer, even contouring and blush!

Bridge Blender

Uniquely chiseled for a killer nose contour.

Bake Blender

Designed specifically for the baking on your base! The blender’s flat side allows for high-coverage baking from any angle. 

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