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Favy™ Facial Beauty Razor 3 Pack

Goodbye peach fuzz, hello glowing, smooth skin.

Favy™ facial razors are made to remove peach fuzz, unwanted hair and dead skin from the surface of your face to reveal a glowing, smoother complexion.

• Save with our 3 pack dermaplaning face razor set

• Gently exfoliate your skin

• Keep your skin clear

• Make your face smooth and radiant

• Remove peach fuzz and dead skin

• Smoother, flawless make up application

• No nicks! Stainless steel blade with a safety guard

• Non-slip silicone handle for the best grip


How to Use:

Dermaplanning has been the latest new discovery in skincare, but it can be intimidating to know how or where to start. That’s where Favy™ comes in. 

Wash your face and dry, apply your favorite skin oil, and while holding your skin tight, glide the razor across your face at a 45 degree angle. Watch dead skin and hair be swiped away, all while gently exfoliating. Your skin will appear brighter, and makeup will melt into your skin seamlessly. Remove any excess oil on your face, wash again and moisturize well. After use, clean your razor with an alcohol-based astringent and dry it completely before storage to maximize use.

Favy™ is a multi-purpose facial beauty razor. Favy™ razors remove the fine hairs of the eyebrow, neck and face. Made with a stainless steel razor blade, with built in safety protective guard for comfortable and safe use. Designed ergonomically for easy beauty maintenance with built in silicone grips for ideal positioning.  

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